Employment law stories in the news – 08.08.2022 to 14.08.2022

In the latest of our series of posts on employment law stories in the news we take a look at ten employment law stories that made headlines between 8 August 2022 and 14 August 2022

  1. Disabled HMRC worker awarded £20k after bosses refuse to let him apply for job – Hamish Drummond, from Dundee, was barred from applying for the more senior version of his existing role because he didn’t have a driving licence (Daily Record)
  2. Nurse, 57, wins £21,000 unfair dismissal payout from Nuffield Health after she was fired for complaining about the lack of PPE, but tribunal dismisses her claims she was treated as a ‘black slave’ – But an employment tribunal today found that Miss Caesar-Scammell was wrongfully dismissed, because the investigation had not been properly conducted (DailyMail)
  3. Woman told not to let ‘hormones get out of control’ wins age discrimination case – Louise McCabe, then 55, was told by Jack Williams, a tech chief executive, to “calm down, don’t let the hormones get out of control” during a “heated exchange” at a company meeting (The Telegraph)
  4. Aston Martin worker with spinal arthritis who was told by boss ‘we’ve all got back problems here mate’ wins £36,000 payout after he sued over lack of support for his disability – Leather trimmer and fitter Sean Deanie complained that his supervisor at the luxury car maker made the unsympathetic comment in response to him explaining his back issues (DailyMail)
  5. Woman solicitor described by colleagues as ‘ballbreaker’ awarded £150,000 – A solicitor allegedly described by a manager as a ‘ballbreaker’ has been awarded more than £150,000 for the sex discrimination and unfair dismissal she suffered at work (The Law Society Gazette)
  6. Shepherd’s Bush boss ‘threw rotten fruit’ at Muslim shop worker and told her to wear tight clothes – The employee won her claim for sex harassment at the London Employment Tribunal and has now been awarded £27,715.56 (MyLondon)
  7. Receptionist wins £35,000 compensation over nautical theme of desk – Barbra Hall – who had carpal tunnel syndrome – was left in severe pain due to the frustrating ergonomic design of the desk at the children’s soft play centre she worked at (HullLive)
  8. Sacked M&S worker wins £15,000 in compensation after tribunal ruled she was unfairly dismissed for taking time off sick over ‘traumatic’ confrontation with shopper who refused to wear Covid mask – Deborah Daisy was verbally abused by the ‘aggressive’ man while working for the retail giant at Oatlands Harrogate Simply Food store in November 2020, an employment tribunal heard (DailyMail)
  9. Senior police officer posted to abuse unit despite harassing five female staff – Despite a misconduct probe finding he had caused “physical, emotional and sexual harm”, he was let off with a final written warning and quietly transferred (LeicestershireLive)
  10. Transgender law graduate wins discrimination claim against NHS – A transgender law graduate representing themselves has won a claim for discrimination against the NHS after being quizzed by a manager about undressing at work (RollOnFriday)