Employment law stories in the news – 11.07.2022 to 17.07.2022

In the latest of our series of posts on employment law stories in the news we take a look at ten employment law stories that made headlines between 11 July 2022 and 17 July 2022

  1. Lincolnshire doctor wins racism case over sacking – A sacked doctor accused of “playing the race card” was the victim of racial discrimination, an employment tribunal has found (BBC News)
  2. Scots millionaire blasts right-hand man who had affair with his wife then took him to an employment tribunal – Gary MacDonald and Colin Thomson were thick as thieves for 20 years – until Colin started sleeping with Gary’s wife (Daily Record)
  3. M&S worker beats retailer in court for being sacked after confronting maskless shopper – The hearing was told this ‘traumatic’ event affected her mental health and brought back past incidents, namely an armed robbery and her chasing a shoplifter out of the shop to a bus stop (CoventryLive)
  4. Vegan Subway worker wins £13,000 payout after boss waves meat in her face – Kady Reilly’s line manager, Himanshu Lahar, would wave food under her nose and say ‘go on, eat it, what could happen?’, telling her to ‘eat like a man, walk like a bull’, the tribunal heard (Mirror)
  5. Nurse lecturer has tribunal case thrown out because it was 22 months too late – Katherine Lemon, from Hazelwell, a suburb of Stirchley, wished to take Birmingham’s Women and Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (BWCHT) to task over alleged disability discrimination she experienced where she worked as an advanced nurse practitioner, an employment tribunal found on Thursday (BirminghamLive)
  6. NHS trust ‘deliberately’ deleted up to 90,000 emails before tribunal hearing – An NHS Trust “deliberately” deleted as many as 90,000 emails that were “potentially” critical to a legal case brought by a whistleblower who revealed that under-staffing in an intensive care unit was linked to two avoidable deaths (ComputerWeekly)
  7. Orpington physiotherapist struck off after affair with patient, sending nudes and receiving £30K from her – Mr Daniel Wright, was a physiotherapist at a private practice in Orpington when he began a relationship with his married patient in March 2017 (MyLondon)
  8. Ambulance worker who suffered a miscarriage after she had to lift an obese 20 stone patient on her own while pregnant is set for compensation after winning discrimination claim – Claire Thompson was made to push heavy wheelchairs and move overweight patients on her own as an employee of E-Zec Medical Transport Services, causing ‘immense physical strain’ (DailyMail)
  9. Cleaning boss ‘threatened to kill’ former employee during tribunal hearing on unpaid wages – The threat was made during a telephone hearing on 12 July to resolve the outstanding claims of former cleaner Maria Fernanda Rodrigues, who had worked for Many Hands Limited for more than 13 years before she was constructively dismissed earlier this year (Jersey Evening Post)
  10. Citi Wins Age Discrimination Appeal With Ex-Banker Called ‘Old’ at Age of 55 – Niels Kirk, a managing director for Citi’s energy banking desk, previously won his unfair dismissal suit against the bank in 2020 and was awarded nearly £2.7 million ($3.2 million), but a UK appeal court ordered the case to be reheard, saying that the employment tribunal needed to reconsider whether the redundancy was prompted by ageism given a relatively small age gap between Kirk and a 51-year-old colleague (Bloomberg)