Employment law stories in the news – 18.04.2022 to 24.04.2022

In the latest of our series of posts on employment law stories in the news we take a look at ten employment law stories that made headlines between 18 April 2022 and 24 April 2022

  1. Disabled House of Commons manager who was threatened by bosses with disciplinary action after she told staff to stop using her specially adapted workspace as a ‘hot desk’ wins tribunal claim – When she left a ‘polite’ note asking staff not to sit there in her absence, bosses started disciplinary proceedings against her for what they saw as an ‘unreasonable’ request (DailyMail)
  2. Teacher sacked after ordering child from class for removing mask then forgetting about him – A private school teacher was sacked after she ordered a pupil out of her class for removing his covid mask to have a drink of water – just 38 seconds after the lesson began (CoventryLive)
  3. Mum wins £185k after boss fired her while she was off work with severe morning sickness – Rachel Richardson was sacked a month after telling managers she was expecting having missed meetings due to scans and been absent for nine days because she felt unwell (LancsLive)
  4. Driving test examiner, 62, who overdosed on Red Bull after drinking ‘a couple’ of large cans before his shift is awarded £40,000 after tribunal rules he was unfairly sacked – The 62-year-old, a Falklands veteran and former police officer, was having trouble sleeping and was spooked by a near-miss on a roundabout so he began buying heaps of the caffeinated drink (DailyMail)
  5. Advice firm to pay employee £15k over maternity treatment – A mortgage advice firm has been told by an employment tribunal it must pay a former employee more than £15,000 for “unfavourable treatment” during her pregnancy and subsequent maternity leave (FT Advisor)
  6. Furious worker threatened to write ‘nonce’ on manager’s house after he was sacked – A man sacked from his job threatened to paint ‘paedophile’ and ‘nonce’ on his manager’s house. Peter Melia, 46, flew into a rage when he was dismissed from his role as a warehouseman (Manchester Evening News)
  7. Jimmy Choo tutor wins bullying claim after manager questioned work from home day – Chris Hill was driven to quit her role as a lecturer at the University of Northampton after she was “singled out” by Vicki Dean, an employment tribunal heard (The Telegraph)
  8. Man, 26, Loes age discrimination case after boss dubbed him a ‘demanding millennial’ – Insurance boss Lucy Raymond-Williams suggested her 26-year-old new employee Jay Patel “expected things to be handed to him on a plate”, an employment tribunal heard (Mirror)
  9. Ex-Southend Council employee loses race discrimination case – Miss D Gisby was dismissed by Southend Council following an allegation she had been involved in a “violent altercation” outside of work in which “she used racial slurs” against a member of the public on June 17, 2020, an employment tribunal heard (Echo)
  10. GMB union take ‘callous’ Yodel to employment tribunal over sacking of disabled worker – The union said Tony White, 56, who has several conditions including a spinal issue, has been fired after 19 years of service on “capability grounds.” (Morning Star)