Employment law stories in the news – 20.06.2022 to 26.06.2022

In the latest of our series of posts on employment law stories in the news we take a look at ten employment law stories that made headlines between 20 June 2022 and 26 June 2022

  1. Worker awarded £8,000 after sacking over day off to take pregnant partner to scan – An employment tribunal found the main reason for the sacking was Mr Jewell taking time off to look after his six year old child and partner (Mirror)
  2. Shop worker wins £15,000 after boss told her ‘tough’ when she said she was about to have a migraine – then suffered attack that left her paralysed on shop floor – Mary Doran’s manager didn’t believe she suffered from the debilitating headaches and even accused her of lying about her symptoms because he thought she was hungover (DailyMail)
  3. Lincoln bar worker sacked after exposing ‘creepy’ boss wins unfair dismissal claim – Damaris Trench liked and shared comments online which labelled owner Himesh Patel ‘creepy’ and how he allegedly asked a colleague for a ‘threesome’, bought underage girls drinks and tried to kiss female staff (LincolnshireLive)
  4. Amazon security guard sued bosses after colleague made fun of his height by pinning up snap of 1980s child star Gary Coleman… but tribunal rejected claim because it was only a head shot – The security worker at Amazon’s warehouse in Peterborough claimed he was being ‘ridiculed’ and that he was later unfairly dismissed from his job in 2020 (DailyMail)
  5. Yemeni refugee employed by Strathclyde University loses race discrimination action in Employment Tribunal – He claimed that the respondent was in breach of section 13 of the Equality Act 2010 for direct discrimination based on his Arab ethnicity (Scottish Legal News)
  6. Employment tribunal rules Long Covid sufferer IS legally disabled: Caretaker ‘becomes first person in UK to successfully claim that the condition is a disability’ as he wins bid to sue employer after being sacked for not turning up to work – The tribunal heard Mr Burke was signed off sick as he struggled to complete simple household chores and even missed a family funeral because of his extreme tiredness (DailyMail)
  7. Man told he was ‘not getting any younger’ when he was passed up for CEO job – An experienced financial adviser has lost an age discrimination case after he was overlooked for a CEO role and told he was “not getting any younger” (BelfastLive)
  8. Staff at a Northamptonshire car repair firm take legal action over redundancies – Staff affected by the collapse of scratch and dent repair business AutoRestore claim they were not properly consulted before they lost their jobs earlier this month (NorthantsLive)
  9. London bus driver caught on phone at wheel loses racism claim after being sacked – CK Aninkorah was summarily dismissed by Arriva London North in May 2021 for gross misconduct after he was caught on CCTV on his mobile phone whilst driving one of their buses (My London)
  10. Paramedic suspended after calling colleague ‘fat porker’ says he has free speech – Paul Winfield bullied his fellow ambulance worker about her weight and even gave her a pair of large men’s trousers after calling her a ‘fat a***’ (Mirror)