Employment law stories in the news – 28.03.2022 to 03.04.2022

In the latest of our series of posts on employment law stories in the news we take a look at ten employment law stories that made headlines between 28 March 2022 and 3 April 2022

  1. Teaching assistant sacked for giving student with special needs a hug wins £7,000 payout – Sabrina Willmott, a teaching assistant at Whitefield Primary Academy in Luton, was found to have ‘abused her position of trust’ by embracing a child with special needs to calm him down (Mirror)
  2. Solicitor absent for cancer treatment was unfairly dismissed – Employment Judge Bedeau, dismissed a claim of direct disability discrimination by Elona Onibere against her former firm, but the judge ruled that Onibere did suffer discrimination by being dismissed without consultation or an exploration of possible alternatives (The Law Society Gazette)
  3. Christian doctor who refused to call a ‘6ft tall bearded’ transgender woman ‘she’ argues NHS doctors should not fear ‘totalitarianism’ – Dr David Mackereth’s lawyer said equality law should have protected his belief that God created man and woman, so a person’s sex is fixed (DailyMail)
  4. Pregnant woman sacked by Glasgow firm after suffering extreme morning sickness – An employment tribunal ruled in the worker’s favour and she was awarded £6,479.30 in compensation after it was found she was discriminated against by the company (GlasgowLive)
  5. Ex-Airdrie star Rico Quitongo makes race discrimination claim against club and Diamonds director -Quitongo, 22, claims he was racially abused by one of the club’s own supporters in a match against Queen’s Park last year (The Scottish Sun)
  6. Sacked Bristol University lecturer loses appeal and claims he was ‘witch-hunted’ – David Miller’s sacking came after a six-month investigation, a disciplinary hearing and two internal investigations following a series of complaints against him, which were made after a 2019 lecture on Islamophobia and statements regarding Jewish students at the university in early 2021 (BristolLive)
  7. Pro boxer woken from coma by Anthony Joshua message after suffering brain injury in the ring loses legal fight to get his day job back as overhead linesman for Scottish Power – A professional boxer who suffered a life-changing head injury during a fight has lost a disability discrimination case after he was declared medically unfit from his job (DailyMail)
  8. Department for Work and Pensions worker in Basildon lost job while on maternity leave – A decision to end a former benefits worker’s job early and without explanation was influenced by the fact she was on maternity leave and was “tainted by discrimination”, an employment tribunal has found (Echo News)
  9. Private firm running NHS Covid test sites axing more than 5,000 jobs – letting all but 21 go without a penny – Sodexo, which has recorded nearly £95m profit in just two years, is cutting jobs en masse with little notice amid the cost of living crisis (Independent)
  10. Charity facing tribunal claim from claustrophobic worker sacked for refusing to wear a mask – A learning disability charity is facing claims that it unfairly dismissed an employee with claustrophobia after she was sacked for refusing to wear a face mask (ThirdSector)