Redmans Assists Client With Securing a Settlement of Over £100,000 in Employment Tribunal Claim

Chris Hadrill, a specialist employment solicitor and partner at Redmans, assists a client in a race discrimination claim at an Employment Tribunal and helps secure a settlement of over £100,000.

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Freddie (not his real name) worked as a postal manager. During the course of his employment complaints were made by Freddie’s colleagues that he had talked about his religion at work. Freddie was suspended from work and did not subsequently return to his position.

He submitted complaints regarding the treatment that he was being subjected to and that he believed that he was being discriminated against, and started Employment Tribunal proceedings.

Whilst the Employment Tribunal proceedings were ongoing Freddie’s employer dismissed him. Freddie submitted further claims of discrimination, harassment and victimisation.

Freddie was extremely upset by his employer’s conduct and he contacted Redmans to see if he could obtain legal assistance with his claims. He spoke to Chris Hadrill, the partner in the employment team at Redmans.

What we did

When Freddie contacted Redmans he wanted legal advice on his claims and for someone to assist him with preparing his claims for a final hearing in the Employment Tribunal.

Chris Hadrill, the partner in the employment team at Redmans, discussed Freddie’s matter with him and helped him with his case. Chris advised Freddie that he had reasonable claims under the Equality Act 2010 for discrimination, harassment, and victimisation, and that his claims could potentially be worth a great deal.

Chris helped Freddie to issue his claims and represented him in the Employment Tribunal. Chris dealt with complying with directions for the Employment Tribunal claims and sought to negotiate a settlement with Freddie’s employer’s legal team.

The result

After a lengthy period of negotiation, Chris eventually assisted Freddie with reaching a settlement of over £100,000, with the parties agreeing to confidential settlement agreement terms and agreeing that Freddie would be provided with a reference from his former employer.

Chris Hadrill, the partner at Redmans who assisted Freddie with his case, commented:

“Freddie had good grounds for complaining that he had been subjected to harassment, discrimination and victimisation, and he had the courage and conviction to pursue his claims in the Employment Tribunal. Freddie received a good figure in full and final settlement of his claims, and he managed to walk away with his dignity and without the stress of a final Employment Tribunal hearing.

If you’ve suffered discrimination, harassment or victimisation at the hands of your employer do contact a specialist employment solicitor in order to determine how they can help you.”