10 interesting Employment Tribunal judgments released – 30.10.2017 to 05.11.2017

In the latest of our series of posts on Employment Tribunal judgments released, we examine ten Employment Tribunal judgments released in the last week (between 30 October 2017 and 5 November 2017) that our solicitors found interesting

  1. Ms C v The Governing Bod of Warren School & Suffolk County Council ET/3401301/2016 – the Employment Tribunal held that the requirement that a female teacher who had been sexually assaulted by a pupil continue to work in the same school constituted indirect discrimination, and awarded her £52,493 (Employment Tribunal judgment, our analysis)
  2. Mrs A Fletcher v Countrywide Estate Agents ET/3400899/2016 – the Employment Tribunal held that a disorganised restructure of an office, which caused an employee significant extra work and stress, had constructively dismissed the employee (Employment Tribunal judgment)
  3. Ms P Sedze v Bulb Interiors Ltd ET/3347066/2016 – the Employment Tribunal held that a female employee being made redundant whilst she was on maternity was not because of her period of maternity leave (or childcare commitments) but because the employer had decided to no longer pursue telesales (her responsibility (Employment Tribunal judgment)
  4. Mrs B Oyerinde v Murphy Shipping and Commercial Services Limited ET/3200240/2017 – the Employment Tribunal upheld a claim for unfair dismissal, breach of contract, and unlawful deduction from wages, and awarded the Claimant over £100,000 in compensation (Employment Tribunal judgment)
  5. Mr L Purdey v Spelthorne Borough Council ET/3322474/2016 – the Employment Tribunal granted an application for costs (to the sum of £1,900) against an unsuccessful Claimant after the value of the settlement offers that were made to him prior to the full merits hearing exceeded the value of what he could reasonably have been awarded (Employment Tribunal judgment)
  6. Ms A Gibbins v British Council ET/2200088/2017 – the Employment Tribunal held that an employee, who had been dismissed after making comments on Facebook that Prince George was the ‘face of white privilege’, had not been unfairly dismissed or discriminated against (Employment Tribunal judgment)
  7. Jarvis v Davies and Davies Estate Agents Limited ET/3323814/2016 – the Employment Tribunal held that the reason, or the principal reason, for the Claimant’s dismissal was because of her pregnancy and not for any other reason (performance reasons having been ruled out) (Employment Tribunal judgment)
  8. Miss Gooding v The Felixstowe Dock and Railway Company Limited ET/3401365/2016 – the Employment Tribunal held that the redundancy of a female employee’s job whilst she was on maternity leave constituted discrimination, and that the female employee was constructively dismissed when she resigned as a result (Employment Tribunal judgment)
  9. Mr P Mundin v Beal Developments Limited  ET/1800455/2017 – the Employment Tribunal held that an employee was unfairly dismissed and subjected to (unjustified) direct age discrimination (Employment Tribunal judgment)
  10. Mr L Harvey v The City of Oxford Motor Services Limited t/a Oxford Bus Company ET/3323826/2016 – the Employment Tribunal held that a Christian employee who was required to work on the Sabbath was indirectly discriminated against. The Tribunal, however, rejected claims of direct discrimination, victimisation, and harassment (Employment Tribunal judgment)