Case study: Redmans doubles amount offered for settlement agreement to client


Michelle, a manager at an IT firm, was told that she was being made redundant and was offered a settlement agreement by her employer, Chris Hadrill, a specialist employment solicitor at Redmans Solicitors, represented Michelle in the negotiations relating to her settlement agreement and, through negotiating with her employer, doubled the amount that she was being offered for her settlement agreement.


Michelle worked for an IT firm in a management position. She was told by her line manager that the firm was making redundancies and that her position at the business was at risk. She was also given a settlement agreement. Michelle came to Redmans for legal advice and Chris Hadrill advised Michelle on her matter.

What we did

Chris immediately advised Michelle on her settlement agreement and informed her that he believed that the redundancy package being offered to Michelle should be increased. After receiving the go-ahead from Michelle, Chris negotiated Michelle’s redundancy package with her employer, as well as other terms of the settlement agreement.

The result

Chris managed to double the amount that Michelle was being offered under her settlement agreement, as well as ensure that all of the legal expenses that Michelle had incurred on her settlement agreement were covered by her employer.