Employment law cases in the news – 07.03.2016 to 13.03.2016

redmans-blog-newsIn the latest of our series of posts on employment law cases in the news, we take a look at ten employment law cases that have made headlines between 7 March 2016 and 13 March 2016

  1. Court date set for Leeds United over employee dismissal – Ward is taking Leeds United to an employment tribunal claiming unfair dismissal and sex discrimination against the Elland Road-based club where she had held a role as head of education and welfare at the club’s highly successful academy for 17 years (The 72)
  2. Innocent explanation for Muslim prison chaplains’ lower pay – The existence of a non-discriminatory reason for Muslim prison chaplains being paid less than their Christian counterparts has defeated a discrimination claim (Personnel Today)
  3. Derbyshire police worker takes force to employment tribunal over ‘fireworks theft’ sacking – A former member of staff at Derbyshire police, who was sacked for gross misconduct for stealing fireworks from the station where she worked, has taken the force to an employment tribunal. Beverley Sutton claims she was dismissed unfairly at an internal misconduct hearing in October 2014 (The Derby Telegraph)
  4. IKEA fined £23k after sacking employee for drinking 97p MILKSHAKE he had not paid for – IKEA has been fined £23,000 after it sacked a bistro worker for drinking a 97p milkshake without paying for it. An employment tribunal ordered IKEA Ireland pay the money in compensation to Ian Fortune after a judge ruled the firm had unfairly dismissed him from its outlet in Ballymun in Dublin (The Mirror)
  5. Dad who won unfair dismissal case against Metrolink could claim thousands in compensation – A dad who sued Metrolink for unfair dismissal could be handed more than £50,000 by his former bosses. Stephen Morris, 50, a supervisor, was sacked by Metrolink in December 2014 for a ‘breach of confidentiality’ (The Manchester Evening News)
  6. Gay canon Jeremy Pemberton employment appeal granted – A gay clergyman who lost an employment tribunal against the church said he has won the right to appeal the decision. Last year it was ruled Canon Jeremy Pemberton was not discriminated against when he was stopped from taking up a new post as a hospital chaplain after marrying his partner (BBC)
  7. Michelle Mone’s bra company faces an employment tribunal over claims of bullying, harassment and sexual discrimination from former employee – An employee who worked for Michelle Mone is taking her former company to an employment tribunal over claims of bullying, sexual discrimination, and harassment. Lady Mone’s former company MJM International, now owned by a Sri Lankan firm, has already faced three tribunals, and either lost or settled out of court in all of them (The Daily Mail)
  8. Magistrate who opposed gay couples adopting to sue Michael Gove – A Christian magistrate who was sacked after opposing adoption by gay parents on national television is planning to sue Michael Gove over the decision. Richard Page, who sat on the family bench in Kent, was struck off for his “biased and prejudiced” views (The Guardian)
  9. NHS ordered to reinstate surgeon who performed the world’s first hand transplant after employment tribunal rules he was unfairly dismissed – A hospital trust found to have unfairly dismissed one of the world’s leading surgeons has been ordered to reinstate him within weeks. The employment judge’s ruling comes after the Mail and former patients campaigned for Professor Nadey Hakim, 57, who performed the world’s first hand transplant, to be given his job back (The Daily Mail)
  10. Age discrimination: £63,000 for salesperson nicknamed “Gramps” – An employment tribunal awarded more than £63,000 for age discrimination to a salesperson who was nicknamed “Gramps” by his younger colleagues and later dismissed after customer complaints that he was “old fashioned” and “long in the tooth” (Personnel Today)