Employment law stories in the news – 10.05.2021 to 16.05.2021

In the latest of our series of posts on employment law stories in the news we take a look at ten employment law stories that made headlines between 10 May 2021 and 16 May 2021

  1. Paralegal told she was a trainee solicitor secures compensation from former firm – A paralegal told that she was a trainee solicitor has successfully sued her former employer at the employment tribunal. Nicolette Browne-Marke, 26, was awarded £14,000 after being unfairly dismissed by NR Solicitors in east London (Legal Cheek)
  2. Father-of-three civil servant who applied to be a nanny to supplement his £50,000-a-year income wins £1,500 payout from babysitting company after he was rejected from the job for being a man – A father-of-three has won £1,500 in compensation from a babysitting company after he was rejected from a job for being a man (Daily Mail)
  3. Salesman with leukaemia wins £60,000 tribunal case against Mackie Motors – An Angus car dealership has been ordered to pay more than £60,000 in compensation to an employee suffering from leukaemia who was unfairly treated (The Courier)
  4. Michelin-starred chef wins £57,000 for sacking over ‘silly’ football game at Mayfair restaurant – A Michelin-starred chef who was unfairly sacked for letting children play a “silly” game of football in a Mayfair restaurant has been awarded £57,000 in damages (Yahoo)
  5. Charity leader ‘shamed CEO’ over gay marriage views – The chairwoman of a poverty relief charity interrupted and humiliated its chief executive because of his religiously motivated views on same-sex marriage, an employment tribunal was told (The Times)
  6. Carer wins £3,000 after colleagues branded her a ‘sl*t’ over modelling pics – A carer was awarded £3,000 after colleagues branded her a “sl*t” over Facebook modelling snaps they said belonged “on a porn site”. Claire Wallace, 48, did modelling in her spare time while working 12hr shifts in a care home (The Sun)
  7. Pregnant woman wins £14,000 after boss said ‘I’m too busy for this’ and sacked her with ‘discourteous’ letter after being told she was going to have a baby – A pregnant woman has won £14,000 after she revealed she was having a baby to her boss – who replied ‘I’m too busy for this’. Yuliia Khimicheva was sacked by a ‘discourteous’ letter which used her initial rather than first full name, an employment tribunal held in Ashford, Kent was told (The Daily Mail)
  8. School reported chaplain to terror watchdog after sermon on sexuality – A school chaplain who was reported to terrorism watchdogs and sacked after giving a sermon on identity politics said that he feared for other teachers at the school and called on ministers “to protect freedom of speech” (The Times)
  9. Woman ‘sexually harassed’ by ex-Hartlepool MP says Labour failed to support her – A former Westminster staff member has accused Labour of abandoning her after she complained of being sexually assaulted and harassed by the party’s former MP for Hartlepool Mike Hill (The Guardian)
  10. Factory worker, 20, who was called a ‘spoilt child’ and a ‘jumped up know it all’ wins £8,000 in age discrimination case – A young factory worker who was hit by his boss and branded a ‘spoilt child’ has won an £8,000 payout for unfair dismissal from the company (The Daily Mail)