Employment law stories in the news – 14.10.2013 to 20.10.2013

In the latest of our series of posts on employment law stories in the news this week, we take a look at ten employment law-related stories that have hit the headlines in the last week. This includes a report that the Care Quality Commission has made a payment of £800,000 to four ex-employees, criticism for Tower Hamlets Council over the nature of a settlement in an Employment Tribunal claim and a recent report which suggests that six out of ten women still suffer from sexual harassment in the workplace.

  1. Care Quality Commission pays £800k in severance to four executives – The watchdog that regulates England’s health and adult social care providers has paid out almost £800,000 in severance packages to four departing executives, it has emerged (The Guardian)
  2. Tower Hamlets slammed after chief lands £115,000 payout – A town hall chief received a £115,000 payout, causing a government minister to accuse Tower Hamlets Council of “outrageous waste” (East London Advertiser)
  3. Transsexual PC Emma Chapman sues Essex police – A transsexual police officer is suing her force after she allegedly had to “out” herself over a police radio system, the BBC has learned (BBC)
  4. EU quota for 40pc of women on boards moves step closer – In what will be viewed as an inflammatory vote – given the strength of opposition against the proposals – the committees overwhelmingly approved the measure, first proposed by Viviane Reding, the European Union’s Justice Commissioner (The Telegraph)
  5. Christian woman Celestina Mba to sue for right not to work on Sundays – A devout Christian woman is set to fight for her right not to work on Sunday this week when her case is heard at the Court of Appeal (The Independent)
  6. Royal Veterinary College data breach highlights importance of guidance on personal devices – The Royal Veterinary College breached the Data Protection Act when a member of staff lost their camera, which included a memory card containing the passport images of six job applicants (The ICO)
  7. Grangemouth crisis: Workers facing ‘sign or be sacked’ ultimatum over changes to terms and conditions, Unite claims – Letters sent to workers cover changes such as ending the final salary pension scheme and freezing pay and bonuses, and employees who do not sign will face “notices of termination” (The Daily Record)
  8. Third of women remove wedding rings ‘to enhance career prospects’ – The study of 1,712 married or engaged women reveals 35 per cent regularly remove their wedding or engagement rings at work, believing that appearing single would increase their chances of getting a job or being promoted. A further third take their rings off when going for a job interview (The Telegraph)
  9. Cameron pledges to confront EU on red tape – David Cameron has said he will take the fight on red tape to the EU after a report by business leaders found it is costing UK firms billions of pounds (BBC)
  10. Sexual harassment rife in the workplace: new study reveals – Six in ten working women have had a male colleague behave ‘inappropriately’ towards them, new research has revealed (The Guardian)