Employment law stories in the news – 17.05.2021 to 23.05.2021

In the latest of our series of posts on employment law stories in the news we take a look at ten employment law stories that made headlines between 17 May 2021 and 23 May 2021

  1. Make class protected characteristic, urges Social Mobility Commission – The Social Mobility Commission has called on the government to make socio-economic background a protected characteristic in law after a damning report on class in the civil service (Personnel Today)
  2. Carer called ‘slut’ by colleagues who saw her modelling photos was harassed, tribunal rules – A carer whose colleagues called her a “slut” and suggested she visit a road “notorious for prostitutes” after they found her modelling photos on Facebook was the victim of harassment, a tribunal has ruled (People Management)
  3. Linklaters to face employment tribunal next month over sexual harassment claims – Linklaters and one of its former employees will face an employment tribunal next month after a woman who worked briefly at the firm accused the now ex-employee of sexual harassment (City AM)
  4. Sikh salesman mocked as an ‘Arab shoebomber’ seeks a record £6.6m payout over campaign of racist abuse by colleagues – A Sikh office worker who was mocked as an ‘Arab shoe bomber’ in a sustained campaign of racist abuse by colleagues is calling for £6.6million in damages (The Daily Mail)
  5. Britain’s equalities watchdog quits Stonewall scheme for ‘woke’ workplaces amid claims that it curbs free speech for workers – Britain’s equalities watchdog has cut ties with a Stonewall scheme for ‘woke’ workplaces after claims that it curbs free speech among staff (Daily Mail)
  6. Trainee sacked because she asked to be paid in full – A tribunal has ruled that a firm unfairly dismissed a trainee at the start of the lockdown, after she complained about unpaid wages (Roll On Friday)
  7. Temp worker wins holiday pay accrued on furlough – An employment tribunal has found a recruitment agency withheld holiday pay from a temporary worker while she was on furlough (Personnel Today)
  8. Employee, 20, branded ‘spoilt’ and punched by boss wins unfair dismissal claim – A 20-year-old man, who was branded a “spoilt child” and punched by his boss, has won an unfair dismissal claim and been awarded almost £8,000 (Yahoo)
  9. Sales manager at travel group was ‘gaslit’ and mocked by his female boss who called him ‘princess’ and alluded to him being a closet homosexual, tribunal hears – A sales manager who claimed he was ‘gaslit’ and mocked by a female boss who called him a ‘princess’ is set for a pay-out after winning his tribunal battle (The Daily Mail)
  10. Pregnant woman wins compensation after complaining of ‘too much drinking’ on work trip – A pregnant estate agent has won compensation after complaining there was “too much drinking” on a luxurious £25,000 work trip. She says her boss then denied her flexible working because she spoke out about the boozy holiday (The Mirror)