Employment Tribunal cases in the news – 30.09.2013 to 06.10.2013

hmctsA round-up of links to stories about employment tribunal rulings reported in the week beginning 30 September 2013, including a devout Sikh who is suing his former employer for discrimination, a former bank director who has settled her victimization claim against Commerzbank and Birmingham City Council settling 11,000 equal pay claims

  1. Devout Sikh sues his former employer for religious discrimination after colleagues asked if his turban flashed red in an emergency – Harminder Dhanota, 42, claims he was verbally and physically abused by work colleagues at the London office of Saudi Arabia-based bank Samba Financial Services (Mail Online)
  2. Former bank director settles victimisation claim – A former bank director has settled her claim for compensation in the Employment Tribunal with Commerzbank after a Tribunal found last year that she had been victimized by the bank (The Times)
  3. Liverpool Football club taken to the Employment Tribunal by former club chauffeur – A former employee of Liverpool Football club has had his claim in the Employment Tribunal come to a hearing this week after he claimed that he had blown the whistle over alleged club malpractice (The Mail Online)
  4. John McCririck’s Employment Tribunal hearing commences – John McCririck’s claim for age discrimination in the Employment Tribunal has commenced at the London Central Employment Tribunal. Mr McCririck issued the claim  after he contended that his contract was not renewed because of his age last year (BBC)
  5. Worker brings Employment Tribunal claim after he claims he was bullied by his employer over an email that he sent – Evidence in an Employment Tribunal claim brought by a Trade Union steward has been heard this week. The union steward brought the claim after he believed he had been bullied by bosses because he was a union member (The Bucks Herald)
  6. Sacked accountant was ‘collateral damage’ in coursing club row – An accountant sacked by the Irish Coursing Club was “collateral damage” and “the jam in the sandwich” in a row between the club’s current president and other executive members, an employment appeals tribunal has heard (The Irish Times)
  7. Employment Tribunal told that councillor could lose home if costs are awarded against him – A former PR man for a Norfolk hospital could face a £51,000 bill and lose his family home if a legal battle goes against him (EDP)
  8. Muslim employees in “landmark win” in religious discrimination claim in the Employment Tribunal – Two Muslim men working for Tesco have won a case of religious discrimination after having access to the on-site prayer room restricted (The National Secular Society)
  9. Birmingham City Council to settle 11,000 equal pay claims – Birmingham City Council and the joint trade unions have reached an agreement to settle equal pay claims brought mainly by female employees who missed out on bonuses (BBC)
  10. Christian worker applies to the Employment Appeal Tribunal to attempt to overturn ruling that she was not an employee of the business she worked for – A Christian woman who worked at Heathrow airport is seeking to challenge her unfair dismissal which was prompted by false claims that she was “anti-Islam” (Christian Concern)