Employment Tribunal cases in the news this week – 21.10.2013 to 27.10.2013

In the latest of our series of posts on Employment Tribunal cases in the news this week, we take a look at a number of cases in the Employment Tribunal which have made the headlines between 21 October 2013 and 27 October 2013. This includes a Christian woman taking her fight over Sunday working to the Court of Appeal, a female sergeant who has won a victimization claim in the Employment Tribunal and a parish council that has lost its legal battle in the Employment Tribunal over an employee’s constructive dismissal claim

  1. Christian woman takes case to Court of Appeal in fight over Sunday working – A devout Christian has taken her legal fight to the Court of Appeal after her Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal cases over Sunday working were rejected (The Independent)
  2. Female sergeant makes successful victimisation claim after disciplinary proceedings – A female sergeant in the Northampton Police force has successfully sued her employer after she was disciplined for complaining about a colleague’s pornographic cards at work (The Northampton Chronicle)
  3. Teacher makes successful Employment Tribunal claim after being told to flush toilet with bucket – A teacher at an elite Scottish private school has made a successful claim for constructive dismissal to the Employment Tribunal after her water supply was cut off (The Courier)
  4. Sacked woman loses claim for pregnancy discrimination in Irish court – A woman has lost her claim for discrimination in the Irish courts after she claimed that she had been dismissed because she was pregnant (The Irish Independent)
  5. Nursery teacher who was banned for speaking Polish in breaks wins Employment Tribunal claim for discrimination – A nursery worker who was banned from speaking Polish at the school she worked at has won £7,000 in the Employment Tribunal after she claimed that she had been discriminated against and harassed (The Evening Standard)
  6. Pensioner sued for constructive dismissal loses Employment Tribunal claim – A woman who sued her 77-year-old carer for constructive dismissal has won her claim in the Employment Tribunal after it was ruled that her employer had fundamentally breached her contract of employment (The Mail Online)
  7. Shopping mall security expert who was spied on by bosses using CCTV he oversaw is handed £38,000 compensation payout – A security expert has won his claim for unfair dismissal in the Employment Tribunal after he was dismissed because he fell out with the bosses at the shopping centre he worked at (The Mail Online)
  8. Parish Council loses Employment Tribunal claim after fundamentally breaching employee’s contract – Barlborough parish council has lost its fight in the Employment Tribunal after a former employee sued it for constructive dismissal after she claimed she had been unfairly treated (The Derbyshire Times)