Employment Tribunal judgments published – 17.04.2017 to 23.04.2017

In the first of a new series of posts, we examine a number of interesting Employment Tribunal judgments that were published between 17 April 2017 and 23 April 2017, including:

  1. McDonnell v City of London Corporation (ET/2206629/2016) – the Employment Tribunal held that Ms McDonnell, a former employee of City of London Corporation, had been dismissed from her employment due to protected disclosures that she had made
  2. Bvuure v Saffron Care Homes Limited (ET/3200903/2016) – the Employment Tribunal held that Ms Bvuure had not been constructively dismissed or discriminated against by her employer by the manner in which a grievance process was conducted
  3. Kwai v The Governing Body of Morpeth School & anor (ET/3200660/16) – the Employment Tribunal held that Mr Kwai was fairly dismissed from his employment after the an incident involving a serious altercation between Mr Kwai and another staff member, the exchange of abusive and provocative language, and a fight whilst other staff and students were on school premises
  4. Lawrence v Newlaw Legal Limited (ET/2300423/2016) – the Employment Tribunal held that a solicitor had been unfairly and wrongfully dismissed by her employer (due to a failure to carry out a fair investigation), but that reductions may be made to any award made to account for Polkey and contributory fault issues
  5. Itoya v Indigo Park Services UK Limited – the Employment Tribunal held that Mr Itoya had not been constructively unfairly dismissed, harassed or discriminated against by immigration checks carried out or the grievance process undertaken
  6. McFarlane & anor v Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Limited – the Employment Tribunal held that the claimants were not dismissed because they had made protected disclosures but because of a genuine redundancy situation
  7. Collier v Graveney Trust – the Employment Tribunal held that an administrative officer at a school was fairly dismissed after there was an altercation between the administrative officer and a number of students