Female police officer makes race and sex discrimination claim in Employment Tribunal

MoJA female police officer has made claims for race and sex discrimination to the Employment Tribunal, contending that her career had been “held back” because of her skin colour and gender.

Carol Howard, 34, a member of the Diplomatic Protection Group (DPG) firearms unit in the Metropolitan police, has alleged that a senior male officer at Scotland Yard has been attempting to hold back her career because of her race and gender. Ms Howard, who is based in Kensington, has served with the police force for over ten years and was featured in the Evening Standard as one of the Metropolitan Police officers who helped to protect London during the 2012 Olympics. Ms Howard has, it appears, been taken from frontline duties since the Olympics.

The Evening Standard reports that Ms Howard has instructed the Police Federation to issue claims for direct race discrimination and direct sex discrimination against the Metropolitan Police. Ms Howard’s claims are due to be heard at the Central London Employment Tribunal next month.

A Met spokesman said: “Police Constable Carol Howard of the Diplomatic Protection Group is bringing an employment tribunal against the Met citing racial and sexual discrimination. The Met will robustly defend the claim.”

Chris Hadrill, an employment law solicitor at Redmans, commented on the case: “Should Ms Howard succeed in her claims for race discrimination and/or sex discrimination then the Tribunal would award her compensation for injury to feelings and – if applicable – lost earnings. The Employment Tribunal hearing takes place next month and we will know at some point after that whether the Employment Tribunal will uphold Ms Howard’s claims.”