Interesting Employment Judgments released – 27.11.2017 to 03.12.2017

In the latest of our series of posts on Employment Tribunal judgments released, we examine ten Employment Tribunal judgments released in the last week (between 27 November 2017 and 3 December 2017) that our solicitors found interesting

  1. Ms Z De Groen v Gan Menachem Hendon Ltd ET/3347281/2016– the Employment Tribunal found that the requirement that Ms De Groen not cohabit whilst working for a faith school constituted direct religious belief discrimination (Employment Tribunal judgment)
  2. Mr A Mehmood v Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust ET/2407583/2015 – the Employment Tribunal held that Mr Mehmood should be awarded £12,017.15 in respect of injury to feelings for the Trust’s failure to deal with his grievance appeal (Employment Tribunal remedy judgment)
  3. Mrs A Hayes and others v Qantas Cabin Crew (UK) Ltd ET/3347009/2016 to
    3347020/2016 – the Employment Tribunal rejected the Claimants’ claims for indirect sex discrimination in relation the change of the rota for cabin crew by Qantas (Employment Tribunal judgment)
  4. Mrs D Viljoen v Slough Borough Council ET/3347101/2016 – the Employment Tribunal rejected Ms Viljoen’s claims for constructive unfair dismissal and sex discrimination (Employment Tribunal judgment)
  5. Mr G Eleftheriou v Clydesdale Bank plc ET/2200349/2017 – the Employment Tribunal held that Mr Eleftheriou’s dismissal had been unfair as no reasonable employer would have dismissed as a result of the allegations of misconduct put to Mr Eleftheriou (Employment Tribunal judgment)
  6. Mr L Tarbuck v Peninsula Business Services Ltd ET/2404056/2014 – the Employment Tribunal held that Mr Tarbuck had been constructively dismissed when his employer attempted to unilaterally amend the terms of his contract to his detriment, but also held that he had not been discriminated against (Employment Tribunal judgment)
  7. Mr G Horner v Recovery North West Ltd ET/2401713/2017  – the Employment Tribunal upheld Mr Horner’s claim for unfair dismissal as no disciplinary process had been followed, but reduced Mr Horner’s compensation by 100% after finding that he was wholly at fault for his dismissal (Employment Tribunal judgment)
  8. Dr D McQueen v Aromatic Flavours and Fragrances Europe Ltd and others ET/3401473/2016, 3325075/2017 – the Employment Tribunal upheld Mr McQueen’s sexual harassment claim after finding that he had been subjected to unfavourable treatment because he had rejected unwanted sexual advances, but rejected his claim for victimisation (Employment Tribunal judgment)
  9. Ms K Clarke v Randstad CPE Ltd and others ET/1800174/2017 – the Employment Tribunal awarded Ms Clarke £16,000 in respect of the injury to feelings that she had suffered as a result of pregnancy discrimination (Employment Tribunal remedy judgment)
  10. Ms S Dos Santos v The Governing Body of Lark Hall Primary School ET/2300535/17 – in this case the Employment Tribunal (amongst other things) made an order for wasted costs against the Claimant’s solicitors on the basis that they had negligently failed to comply with the Tribunal’s directions, leading to a postponement of a scheduled hearing (Employment Tribunal judgment)