Redmans help pregnant employee to settle potential Employment Tribunal claims for over £33,000 plus reference


Rebecca*, who worked for a well-known international bank, was told by her employer that she was to be made redundant after Rebecca told her employer that she was pregnant. Redmans helped to secure Rebecca a substantial payment in settlement of her claims as well as the provision of a reference


Rebecca, a senior employee at a well-known international bank, informed her employer that she was pregnant. After she informed her employer that she was pregnant she was told that the contract that she was working on was being provided to a new employer, and that she would probably be made redundant as a result. Rebecca was not happy with this as she thought her performance had been excellent and that her performance had, in fact, been better than a male colleague who was not being made redundant but who was being re-deployed. Rebecca suspected that the decision to make her redundant may have been prompted by the fact that she had made her employer aware that she was pregnant. Her employer then approached her and offered her a settlement agreement.

What we did

Rebecca got in touch with Redmans and Chris Hadrill, a partner in the employment department, handled her case. Chris advised Rebecca that she may have potential Employment Tribunal claims for unfair dismissal, pregnancy and maternity discrimination, and automatic unfair dismissal.

Chris proceeded to negotiate Rebecca’s settlement agreement on her behalf.

The result

Through negotiations Chris managed to increase the financial value of Rebecca’s settlement agreement from approx £18,000 to approx £33,000, as well as to negotiate that Rebecca would receive a reference.

*Please note that all names are anonymised to protect the identity of our clients