Redmans helps client to increase the value of their settlement agreement by £30,000


How Chris Hadrill, a specialist employment solicitor at Redmans, represented a client in settlement agreement negotiations in a redunancy situation, and helped her to increase the value of her settlement agreement by over £30,000.


Freya (not her real name) worked as a finance director at a large ‘household name’ company. She went on maternity leave and was told, whilst she was on maternity leave, that she might be made redundant. Freya was offered a settlement package and told that she should seek advice from a solicitor (this is one of the requirements for a settlement agreement, as we wrote about in this article).

What we did

When Freya contacted the employment team at Redmans she wanted to leave her employer, but she wanted to know how she could seek to improve the financial terms of the settlement agreement that she had been offered.

Chris Hadrill, the partner in the employment team at Redmans, helped Freya with her case. He analysed Freya’s situation and reviewed her contract of employment and settlement agreement; he then explained to her what could be done to improve the settlement agreement, what response from her employer was likely to have if she chose to negotiate, and what the estimated costs of negotiation would be.

Chris drafted up an amended settlement agreement and explained in a covering email what amendments Freya was requesting, and why she was requesting them.

The result

After a period of negotiation with the company’s solicitors it was agreed that Freya’s settlement package would be increased by approx £30,000, and that various other improvements would be made to the settlement agreement (including amendments to the wording regarding the reference and confidentiality obligations). Settlement agreement terms were subsequently agreed and signed.

Chris Hadrill, the partner at Redmans who assisted Anna, commented: “It is a legal requirement for an employee to receive independent legal advice from a qualified solicitor (or another suitably-qualified professional) on the terms and effect of their settlement agreement, otherwise any settlement agreement terms agreed to will be unenforceable and void. In addition, a solicitor can help you by explaining what amendments to the settlement agreement are necessary and appropriate, and they can use the benefit of their experience with such agreements to ensure that you receive the best package possible (as well as ensuring that you’re comfortable with the approach that they’re recommending in the circumstances.”