Women sexually harassed by boss win substantial damages in Employment Tribunal

MoJTwo female former sales executives at a publishing company have won their legal claims at the Employment Tribunal after it was found that their former boss sexually harassed them at work.

Diane Nicholl-Pierson and Anna Mazover made claims for unfair dismissal and sexual harassment to the London Central Employment Tribunal after they alleged that their boss at Entico Corporation Limited, Mr Darren Scott, made sexual advances towards them and invited them to join him in his million-pound penthouse.

The claim came to the Employment Tribunal last month, with Ms Mazover, Ms Nicholl-Pierson, and Mr Scott (among others) giving evidence at the Tribunal. The Claimants alleged that the following conduct had occurred during the course of their employment:

  • That Mr Scott made comments to the women about his sexual prowess and desirability
  • That Mr Scott had made unwanted gestures to Ms Mazover, such as buying her gifts from Harrods and Selfridges
  • That Mr Scott had tried to persuade both women to dump their partners and go out with him
  • That Mr Scott was obsessed with Ms Nicholl-Pierson’s breasts and regularly spoke to them rather than her face
  • That Mr Scott had groped the leg of Ms Mazover and falsely stated that she was a part-time prostitute

The Employment Tribunal found in the Claimants’ favour in their claims for sexual harassment and victimization but ruled against the Claimants in their claims for sex discrimination and race discrimination. The Tribunal also found that some of the allegations against Mr Scott were untrue, such as the claims that he had asked the Claimants for a threesome, that he had boasted about sleeping with prostitutes, and that he had snorted cocaine.

As a result of the Employment Tribunal verdict the two women could receive up to £25,000 each in compensation at a future remedies hearing.

Ms Mazover stated after the conclusion of the Employment Tribunal: “It was his word against ours, but now people know he did sexually harass us.”

A spokesman for Entico Corporation stated that Mr Scott had been an independent contractor at the firm and that he was no longer contracted to the company.

Chris Hadrill, an employment solicitor at Redmans, commented on the case: “This case shows that sexually-harassing conduct in the workplace can and will be punished by the Employment Tribunal. If male or female employees believe they have been harassed at work then they should consider taking legal advice from a specialist employment solicitor.”